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Bright Blossom Liquid Fertilizer

  • Bright Blossom Label

    Bloom Label

    Bright Blossom is GREAT FOR HYDROPONICS this is calcium based fertilizer as a nitrogen source with sulfur. A Great source of calcium for plants building stem strength and cell walls. Use 2.5 teaspoons to gallon of water for 150 ppm of nitrogen for your plant material when feeding on routine basis. Bright Blossom product helps with nitrogen uptake and helps improve water penetration in soli plus helps keep nutrients mobile. Bright Blossom product helps with diseases keeping plants strong when normally weak and is great to use all year long with product ph being ideal once in solution.
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  • Bright Blossom Bottle

     Bright Blossom Gallon Bottle

    Available in gallons and 5 gallon poly pack.
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  • Bright Blossom Safety Data Sheets



    Safety Data Sheets