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Killer For Ice Plant Weeds

  • Killer Label

    Bloom Label

    Apply Liquinox Killer on all types of ice plant to kill weeds within try small area first to see desired results.

    Liquinox Company is not responsible for misuse of Liquinox Killer product on plants

    Click on label for larger image.
    Download a zip file with images of Killer Label images are in jpg format @ 300dpi sizes are 1) Full size label 10½" X 5", and 1) 1000x460 pixels label.

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  • Killer Bottle

    Killer Gallon Bottle

    Available in gallons and 5 gallon poly pack.
    Download a zip file image of Killer Bottle, image in jpg format @ 300dpi size of gallon bottle is 11½"x 6", 3000 x 3000 pixels.

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  • Killer Safety Data Sheets



    Safety Data Sheets