Liquid Fertilizer siphon injector

  • Siphon Injector Mixer System

    Siohon Mixer

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    Water passes through the Liquinox Injector which draws up the concentration which you have prepared in the bucket (see picture above). Water the area in which you want to fertilize, the dilution is 4¾ gallons of water (H20) to ¼ cup of fertilizer (shown in the picture above) Once fertilized - disconnect injector from hose and apply 5 min of fresh water over the area covered. When done using the injector, rinse injector under clear water for about one min. Then its ready to use again with any Liquinox fertilizer products. Liquinox is not responsible for misuse of product on any and all plant material. This injector is perfect to use with any and all our fertilizer products. >

  • Easy Install and use

    Bloom Gallon Bottle

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