What is Liquinox?

Liquinox is the highest quality liquid fertilizer and soil conditioner that can be manufactured. Materials used in Liquinox fertilizer are selected for what they do for soil and plants, rather than what they cost.


Is Liquinox for commercial use only?

Liquinox Liquid Fertilizer's may be used in farming, commercial green houses, nurseries and of course by home owners.


What does Liquinox contain?

This varies depending on the specific formula.

a. Nitrogen, phosphate and potash. Known as the major fertilizing materials in guaranteed percentages as stated on our labels.

b. An organic extract derived from a species of yucca.

c. Additives of various minor elements, such as zinc, iron, manganese, cooper, etc.


Is Liquinox the "Cactus Juice" fertilizer i have heard about?

Probably so, since the term “cactus juice” is sometimes loosely used to refer to our yucca extract. However, all so called “herb” or “cactus juice” materials are not all the same as those used in Liquinox. Our modern extraction plant is the only one producing organic yucca extract exclusively for use in fertilizers.


Is Liquinox Liquid Fertilizer environmentally friendly?

Liquinox Liquid fertilizer is environmentally friendly and is beneficial for the soil and plants.


Will Liquinox Liquid Fertilizer harm my children if they play in the sprinklers when the injection pump is fertilizing?

It is not advisable to let your children play in the sprinkler during a fertilizer cycle.
Although, Liquinox Liquid Fertilizer will not harm them. Make sure they wash off with plain water afterwards.


If I accidentally spill or get Liquid Fertilizer on my skin, what should I do?

In diluted or concentration form, Liquinox Liquid Fertilizer will not harm you. It is advisable if you spill any concentrate liquid fertilizer on yourself to wash it off with water as soon as possible


Is Liquinox safe for pets or people to digest?

Liquinox Liquid fertilizer should not be digested. If your pet accidentally drinks some, it will not harm them. It is suggested that you get them to drink as much water as you can and take them to a vet to be checked. Please note that Liquinox is not liable for your pet. As for people, it is not safe to drink and we advise you contact your physician immediately


How do know what fertilizer is best for my garden?

We recommend our success yielding formula which consists of using Vitamin B1 Start first for a month. Then, Liquinox Grow formula in the growing season. Next, Liquinox Bloom to help flowers blossom and reach their full potential.


Will Liquinox separate or crystalize?

No, Liquinox has a unique quality of maintaining its readily flowable consistency. There is no need to agitate or stir Liquinox even after storage.


How is Liquinox regulated?

With a simple flow chart and measuring jar, the application of liquinox can be checked or adjusted at any time.


What are some differences between liquid and dry fertilizer?

Liquid fertilizer is fast acting and it feeds your plants and soil. Plants are able to absorb liquid fertilizers through both their roots and leaf pores. Foliar feeding can supply nutrients when roots are stressed and unable to through the soil. Dry fertilizers are climate controlled with a delay in feeding your plants.


How can I tell if I am over fertilizing?

You can expect to see leaf burn, the tip of the leaves will appear to be scorched and lacking color. Over fertilizing can also kill plants and foliage. Always read and follow the directions on any liquid fertilizer.


Can I use Liquinox as my only fertilizer?

Yes, if no major soil deficiencies are encountered, Liquinox can economically take care of your entire fertilizer requirements. More and more growers are proving this to their own satisfaction each year.


Is Liquinox a soil and water conditioner?

Yes, Liquinox can qualify on that basis alone if only the properties of pH reduction, water penetration, and soil flocculation are considered.
However, it is also a complete fertilizer, is so labeled and so registered with the California State Department of Agriculture.

Remember- you cannot grow crops with a so-called “conditioner,” but you can condition your soil and grow crops with Liquinox.


Is Liquinox an acid plant food?

Definitely so. The official state inspection reports show that the pH of Liquinox, after being diluted 1 to 400 with water, ranges from 1.8 to 2.6 depending on the grade sample.


Will Liquinox loosen heavy soil?

Yes, Liquinox has a definite effect of loosening (flocculating) heavy tight soils.
This is sometimes observed after one application, but regularity in using Liquinox will best maintain this soil benefit.


Will Liquinox increase water penetration?

Yes, one of the unusual features of Liquinox is its ability to “open up” the soil and permit better penetration of irrigation water. This is of particular benefit in heavy or “tight” soils or where plow sole is encountered. In light loam or sandy soils the “wetting” action of Liquinox increases the lateral subbing of water


Will Liquinox kill soil worms?

Definitely not. In no case has the proper use of Liquinox ever damaged any irrigation system.


How much Liquinox shall I apply?

That will also depend on previous fertilization, soil condition and the particular crop requirements. In general, annual row and field crops should have a minimum of two applications. Crops such as strawberries, tomatoes, snap beans, etc… that are harvested over a long period, produce best when fertilized periodically throughout the picking season. Shallow rooted crops should be fertilized periodically with light applications, while deep rooted trees and vines respond best to applications of 10-gallons per acre, at least twice a year.


When do I apply Liquinox?

Liquinox may be applied at any time crops are irrigated, but should not be applied before the plants have an established root system. Liquinox may be applied before planting where pre-planting fertilization is custom.


Do you make soil tests?

No, we prefer to have soil tests made by independent and competent soil scientists. We believe that scientific soil analysis and interpretation can be of real assistance in determining a fertilizer program. We appreciate the help of a competent agricultural chemist. We do not try to do this job.


Is Liquinox economical?

Yes. On a return per dollar investment basis, Liquinox has proven to be one of the most economical fertilizers available. To get a true cost of fertilizers, don’t consider the price per gallon only, but what that gallon will produce.


Can I purchase a gallon or smaller of Liquinox Liquid Fertilizer?

Liquinox Liquid Fertilizer is sold by the case (4 - 1 gallon bottles). You can also purchase Liquinox Liquid Fertilizer per gallon by contacting the sales department at 714- 637-6300 or email us.


How long has Liquinox been on the market?

Since January, 1944, under the present management, although its origin and recorded history go back to 1938.